Penicillium Candidum (SAM3) 2 g.


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Penicillium Candidum (SAM3) is a white mold powder used to ripen and flavor cheese. This mold powder provides moderate proteolytic activity, moderate lipolytic (aroma), medium surface density and height, and is used to achieve a moderate-fast ripening time. Best known to deter the growth of mucor, but it can give a slight ammoniated taste. Can be combined with other penicillium candidum to reduce the chances of contamination.

It is highly recommended to use this mold powder in combination with Geotrichum Candidum, to help prevent the skin from slipping off your finished cheese.

2 gram packet (8-16 gallons of milk). Dose at 1/8 tsp directly to 4-8 gallons of milk.

Ingredients: penicillium candidum (SAM3)

Store in the freezer



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