Premium Mini CO2 Charger with Regulator


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Mini CO2 charger uses threaded CO2 cartridges used to dispense from kegs without the hassle of a larger tank and regulator. Mini regulator has female 1/4″ flare threading that will attach to a threaded ball lock or pin lock coupler to dispense from Corny kegs and other soda tanks. It can also be used to dispense commercial/sankey kegs by using a 1/4 mfl. tail piece with the sankey coupler. Pressure can be regulated by adjustable dial. Pressure gauge (0-35 p.s.i.) for additional safety. Use with caution.

5/8″ threaded end for standard use threaded 74 gram cartridges. Can be used with 3/8″ threaded 16 gram cartridges with an adapter.

Connectors & cartridges sold seperately.

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