Propper Seltzer Nutrient for Hard Seltzer / 28 grams

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One dose of Omega Yeast’s specially formulated Propper Seltzer™ nutrient powers your favorite beer yeast through a healthy sugar-based fermentation in as little as 7 days. One (1) pack provides yeast nutrient for (5) five gallons of sugar wort at 1.060 (15°P) or lower.



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1 review for Propper Seltzer Nutrient for Hard Seltzer / 28 grams

  1. Dennis Ln Brewing (verified owner)

    Stuff is amazing!
    I used 2 packets for 10 gallons OG of 1.042 to 0.996 FG in about a week with 1 packet Omega Lutra Kviek yeast.
    Clarified with sparkalloid and it dropped crystal clear overnight.
    I used tap water (I’ve got great water) instead of distilled and it has a bit of a white wine taste that matches white claw base flavor almost perfectly and is really quite pleasant even before adding any flavoring.

    • Mark Gillette

      2 Thumbs up!

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