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Fritz (NZ-151) is a Washington State University developed barley. Originally for dryland farming on the east side of Washington, trials on the West Side found that it grows plumper and has more flavor on the west side of the state. The goal for breeding this barley was to reduce the Proanthocyanidin levels that contribute chill haze and permanent haze to beers. This goal was achieved and the malt can help brew clearer beers. Great for all styles of beers, especially those where clarity is important.

Fritz base malts present an opportunity to explore uncommon variations on wort flavor, while also addressing the challenge of longer-term beer clarity. Fritz was bred to have naturally low levels of Proanthrocyanidins (a naturally occurring compound that is associated with both chill and permanent haze). Fritz base malts are well-suited to all beer styles, especially those for which longer aging and shelf stability are desired.

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