Skagit Valley Laureate Pale Malt / Bulk by lb.


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Laureate is a high-yielding UK Spring Barley variety. Desired by
distillers for its non-GN (non-Glycosidic Nitrile) attributes, Laureate has great brew house
efficiency with a light honey, grainy, cracker flavor. It should
perform well across all beer styles where the malt is neutral and
efficiency is preferred. Distillers will love working with this
barley variety!

Sensory Flavor Profile:
Laureate Pale is a neutral base malt
with subtle honey and cracker

Honey, Cracker, Grainy

Suggested Use:
Up to 100% of Grist in any style.
Great for distilling.

Typical Specs:
Color: 1.8-2.4 SRM
Moisture: 5.2%
Total Power: 10%
Diastatic Power: 100-150ºL

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