Skagit Valley Pilot Pale Malt by lb.




Pilot is a UK bred barley variety that was originally selected for its higher temperature stable Beta-Amylase. Because of this, brewers are able to get a dryer finishing beer while mashing at a higher temperature. It brews any style very well due to its subtle malt flavor at lower color, but can also be a big help in higher gravity beers when kilned higher (our Pilot Dark Ale). All-around workhorse malt in the brewhouse.

Pilot base malts present an opportunity to explore new variations on wort flavor, with the potential to improve beer attenuation, particularly with higher-gravity brews. Beta Amylase in Pilot remains stable at higher temperatures, and is not denatured as quickly during a single temperature infusion mash between 150 and 160 degrees F. Pilot base malts are well-suited to all styles of beer.

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