Skagit Valley Triticale Caramel 75L Malt by lb.




Triticale is a wheat/rye hybrid grain that combines the dry spice from rye with the smooth creaminess of wheat. At lighter colors, this malt can be used to fully convert itself in the mash. It also can be used as a substitute for either Malted Rye or Malted Wheat. At darker colors, Triticale Malt brings out a grape-nut, chocolate, toasted flavor that blends well into complex malt bills.

Grown in Adams County Washington State, USA

By taking Triticale and kilning it Skagit Valley Malting is able to create a line of Triticale Caramel malts. These malts are huskless and contain rich, complex flavors of grape nuts, raisin, dark caramel, prune, and chocolate. Great in beers for an added complex flavor.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in
Grain Milling Option

Crushed, Whole

Malt Type

Caramel/Crystal, Triticale


United States


Skagit Valley Malting


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