Stainless Steel Mix-Stir De-gassing Rod 22 in.


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Specially designed for mixing and stirring wine/beer and de-gassing.
Manufactured in high quality food grade stainless steel with ABS blades.
The blades act like a turbine for maximum mixing and stirring efficiency.
The Stainless Steel Mix-Stir fits any electric drill (variable speed drill with reversing capacity recommended).

Length: 22″.

The Plastic blades fold down allowing easy insertion into a barrel or a glass carboy. Also, it is safe to use with glass carboys.

Cleaning Tips for Stainless Steel products:

-Don’t use chlorine or any sanitizing solution that contains chlorine.
-Don’t forget to rinse, residue from cleaning solutions can stain or damage the finish.
-Towel dry the product after rinsing.
-Gritty or hard water can stain the product.

Maximum Temperature: 75 °C (167 °F).

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