Titratable Acidity Test Kit


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Used to determine the Total Acidity in a wine, the Acid Test Kit is an invaluable tool for any home winemaker. Total Acidity measurements are important to winemaking because the correct amount of acidity is key to maintaining a wine which is balanced in flavor and stable for ageing.

Kit Contents:

  • Large Reaction Vial
  • 10mL Syringe
  • 4oz of Sodium Hydroxide Reagent
  • Phenolphthalein Indicator in 1oz Dropper Jar

Reagent Stability Information:

  • Sodium Hydroxide Solution – 0.1 Normal (2 year shelf life cool & closed, 3 month shelf life cool and opened)
  • Phenolphthalein Indicator – 1.0% (5 year + Shelf life)


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