Torpedo Cocktail Keg 2.5 gal.


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A great choice for serving pre-made cocktails on draft! The Torpedo Cocktail Keg features a D-Style sanke connections, but with a corny-style lid on top. This makes it easy to add beverages to the keg without having to remove the spear. Hook up a keg coupler to fully carbonate the beverage from the bottom up. Compared to mixing cocktails on the fly, cocktails served from this keg will remain bubbly in the glass for longer!

Also doubles as a beer line cleaning keg by adding a batch of LCC or BLC.


  • Max Pressure: 130 psi
  • PRV Rating: 85 psi
  • High Quality Laser Welded Seams
  • ISO9001 Quality Assurance
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel


  Height (in.) Diameter (in.)
2.5 Gal 13 1/4 9 3/8


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