UNI-STAT III Thermostat


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Introducing our new favorite digital thermostat controller!

It can be set to HEAT or to COOL, and can handle up to 13 amps for COOL

mode or 1500W for HEAT mode. It can be setup to heat sparge water, control a RIMS

pump or element, or control a hot water bath for yogurt or cheese. It can be just as

easily setup to control a freezer or refrigerator to maintain great fermentation

temperatures. This controller is manufactured in the U.S.A.

with a 3-Year factory Warranty! The set-point is easily adjusted with a toggle switch.

There is an adjustable differential. (The differential is the difference between the

set-point and the actual temperature. Changing this setting can give precise temperature

control or energy savings.)

One of the unique features of this unit is a duty cycle selector, which can be set for 50% or

100% duty cycle. Changing this setting to 50% helps to prevent over-shooting in both

heating and cooling situations by limiting the amount of 

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