White Labs 603 Torulaspora delbrueckii [Vault Series]


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Like many companies that wrangle our microbial friends, White Labs has temporary or “seasonal” offerings. Called “Vault Strains,” these microorganisms are released for a short while, then back in the vault for another million years! (Or however many years White Labs decides.)

About this strain they write:

This strain of non-conventional brewing yeast is a maltose negative strain of yeast ideal for low-alcohol beers or to be blended with another higher attenuating strain. This species does not ferment maltose or other larger sugars and will only ferment glucose, sucrose, and fructose.

The profile of this strain has high ester production and will lend well to styles such as a fruit-forward IPA or saison. This particular strain was isolated off of apples from an island in Norway. Although this would be categorized as a wild yeast, this strain would not typically be considered to be a beer spoiler as it does not have the ability to ferment larger sugars. Using this strain to create a low alcohol beer requires a modified recipe. STA1: Negative

For more information from them, visit this strain’s page on the White Labs site.

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