The WineMaker Guide to Home Winemaking: Craft Your Own Great Wine by WineMaker Magazine


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This comprehensive guide from WineMaker magazine—packed with recipes, expert advice, step-by-step photos, and more—is the resource you need to make your own great wine at home.

Home winemakers around the world have turned to the experts at WineMaker magazine for more than two decades. From well-tested recipes to expert troubleshootingWineMaker sets the standard for quality. Now, the editors known for publishing the best information on making incredible wine at home have set the new standard for how-to books on winemaking. In The WineMaker Guide to Home Winemaking, you’ll find the best of the best when it comes to techniques, recipes, tips, and more.

The book is built to be a first-time winemaker’s companion, explaining the entire process from start to finish with helpful photography. Yet it has plenty to offer those who are more experienced, as well, including advanced techniques for blending, testing, creating sparkling wines and fruit wines, and barrel aging. Inside these pages you’ll find:

  • Keys to better winemaking: maceration, fermentation, blending, and more
  • A variety of editor-tested recipes
  • A deep dive on wine-related ingredients
  • The most useful troubleshooting solutions ever published in the magazine
  • Covers winemaking with fresh grapes, juices, kits, concentrates, and country fruits

Whether you’re looking to get into winemaking, up your game, or find inspiration for your next wine, let WineMaker be your guide.

Trade Paperback 224 Pages

ISBN: 9780760385043

8.00 in x 10.00 in

Published: January 16th, 2024; Harvard Common Press

WineMaker magazine is the sister publication of Brew Your Own magazine, both owned by Battenkill Communications. With more than 20,0000 readers per issue, they are the largest magazine for home winemakers. In addition to subscriptions, WineMaker is available in over 6,000 retail locations, including virtually every major bookstore chain and key newsstand in North America. WineMaker is sold in approximately 100 winemaking supply stores in special point-of-purchase displays in the US and, as of 2020, is also available in winemaking shops in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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