Rental Equipment

We offer the region's largest selection of rental equipment for your beer and winemaking needs

Rental Pick Up 12 PM

Draft Equipment

Rental for draft equipment is a three day increment. 3, 6, 9 and 12 day rentals are standard. We can set up custom durations for you. A 3 day rental gives you time to pick up Friday afternoon and return by Monday before noon.

Maker Equipment

Presses, filters, fillers and corkers are rented on a daily basis.. During a busy season we may limit rental to a single day.

Draft Rental Equipment

We carry the widest range of hand pumps for tapping your keg.  The keg is pressurized by good old muscle power.  Be sure to note the type of beer you are serving so we get the connections right.  If it is a home brew note “home brew”

We also carry a full selection of CO2 based serving systems to keep your tasty beverages flowing and cold.  If you will be reserving one of our jockey box systems we will ask you a question regarding what commercial brewery you are getting your keg from. There are several different keg connector options and we want to ensure your system is configured correctly. Please reply with “homebrew” if you will be tapping a personal keg (these are normally Conry kegs with ball locks.) Your keg will be pressurized by a CO2 tank that we supply. We highly suggest that you use our system with the equipment supplied. We can rig up your jockey box or hand tap to connect to just about anything and we want to make sure your party isn’t disrupted by not having a complete system.  Therefore we suggest not trying to connect our systems to your existing tanks.  If you are dead set on doing so please make sure we know the connections you need to make.

Mills, Crushers, Presses, Fillers and Filters for the Maker

Equipment for Filling, Filtering and Capping