Shipping and Pricing Philosophy

We pass on our best rates from our shippers to you.  While these may not be as good as other publicly traded internet retailers we do pass on our best.

Internet retailing has use freight as a promotional and discounting tool and as a result, has conditioned us with the expectation of free freight.  Let’s be frank its a discount and a very convoluted one.

Our staff is working to provide you with a broad selection of products that allow you as a customer to find value as well as diversity in our product catalog, to do this we have competitive priced ingredients and equipment as well as stock the weird, wild, organic and artisanal. In every case, we believe we are pricing the products appropriate to the value they deserve.

When do freight subsidies and free freight (AKA Discounts) come into play?  We use this discount method sparingly but it is typically applied to reward long-time and return customers.


In the lower 48 States, orders over $99 qualify for free shipping.  Certain items do not qualify for free shipping based on size and weight.  The items are noted in the shipping details as disqualified for free shipping.

Beer Brewing supplies

Items designated standard shipping do not qualify for free shipping or flat rate shipping because of the weight, size or other shipping considerations.


Products designated cold ship require a cold pack, insulation and depending on the distance the option for ground shipment may not available.  This can mean is the case of some products the freight is as much or more than the product.


Having the variety that we have means we are going to have items that just can’t ship by the usual carriers.  For those big and bulky items, we use common freight carriers and need to pass on the costs of specialized delivery.  Keep in mind that along with the special trucking you may also need to make arrangements for the unloading of heavy or large items.