BLICHMANN HopBlocker™ Boil Kettle Filter

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Traditional screen filters draw from the bottom of a kettle, immediately sucking all pellet hops and trub into the screen and plugging the system. The HopBlocker™ filters up to 95% of break material from your wort without plugging.

Its preferential flow leaves settled break material undisturbed at the bottom of the kettle while draining the majority of wort through a coarse filter. When the wort level is a few inches from the bottom of the kettle, the fine filter is exposed and the remainder of wort is filtered. This intuitive design allows the fine filter to work only on a small portion of the wort instead of the entire batch.

While designed to complement BoilerMaker™ brew kettles, the HopBlocker™ can be installed in any manufacturer’s kettle or keg.

HopBlocker™ does not work with Tri-Clamp Rotating Dip Tube.

The HopBlocker­™ offers a 95% efficiency on pellet hops and is virtually impervious to plugging! 

PLEASE NOTE: The HopBlocker™ is designed for use with pellet hops only. Whole/loose hops will plug the unit. While using whole hops, or a mix of whole and pellet hops, you must bag your whole hops in a large muslin grain bag. This will not affect the utilization rate and will result in significantly less wort loss.


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