Flojet CO2 Driven Beer Pump


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Flojet BeerJet series pumps are useful when the pressure needed to push the beer through the line in say, long and/or vertical runs, exceeds the desired applied CO2 pressure on the keg itself.

The pumps are pneumatically driven by dry compressed air or bottled gas/CO2. The gas used to drive the pumps never actually touches the product itself. By using the BeerJet pumps, the correct equilibrium pressure is maintained on the keg keeping the carbonation level of the beer exactly as the brewer intended it to be served. Flojet’s BeerJet pumps are capable of pumping beer up to 700 horizontal feet or 90 vertical feet through a single line. The pump can dispense up to five taps from a single keg and has a service life of more than 65,000 gallons. Includes 1/4″ Barb Gas Inlet and 3/8″ Barb Liquid Outet Fittings.

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