The Last Straw® Bottle Filler

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The most effortless and ergonomic draft bottle filler available. Bottle cold, carbonated beer directly from your keg and ensure precise carbonation and sediment-free bottles. Quick to setup and easy to clean, the Last Straw? disassembles in seconds. Comes complete with tubing and fittings.

Ergonomic, intuitive control and one-handed operation. Go from keg to beer bottle at just 15 seconds a pop! Ridiculously easy to clean. The Last Straw? disassembles in an instant for quick and painless cleaning. Plus, premium materials prevent contamination, everything that touches your beer is stainless or silicone. Convenience and control for better beer, faster. The Last Straw? is the last bottle filler you’ll ever need. Includes all necessary tubing and fittings. Great addition to any kegerator kit.

NOTE: You will need two CO2 ports or a wye splitter with a MFL shutoff valve to use The Last Straw?.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in

1 review for The Last Straw® Bottle Filler

  1. juanbobo808

    This bottle filler is awesome! I had a Blichmann Beer Gun for years and had all sort of trouble with it, however the Last Straw fills nearly perfectly every time. 5/5 stars, would buy again over the Blichmann product every time.

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